She is the Sea

She is the Sea, Stacey Celestino Harris, 2017-2018, Oil on Stretched Canvas, 22″x 28″

She is born of the Sea. Born a Princess to become a Queen.  With the clearest blue eyes and deepest ruby lips, her expression is the embodiment of courage and determination. Atop the mixture of scarlet and crimson hair that moves with every caress of the water,  her crown sits, immovable and steady. This crown is her present, past, and future. This crown could ultimately be her greatest downfall or her greatest triumph. Feeling trapped by what this crown represents, she needs to be strong and have faith that her heart will guide her to her destiny as she has seen another world beyond the waves that calls to her.

In time a decision will have to be made. How can she choose an unfamiliar, almost foreign world over the one that is her birthright; her home? How can she even dare to think about leaving without the security of being able to come back? There has to be another way, another option… but what is it?

Like her spirit that matches the vastness of the Sea depths, undulating to the rhythm of the currents, the complexity of her choice lies paralyzed between her heart, her soul, and her home. Yet, through it all, the water speaks to her, protects her, loves her, as she is the Sea and the Sea is her.

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