I believe that I was born to paint. I believe in delicacy and prettiness. I believe in grace and elegance. I believe in lace and pearls. I believe all women are beautiful.  I believe in little girls in frilly dresses having tea parties. I believe in faith and spirituality. I believe in happiness and following your heart. I believe in roses and love. I believe in tranquility and quiet. I believe in the innocence of a child and the nurturing of her mother. I believe in the sweetness of love’s embrace. I believe that crying eliminates sadness. I believe in pink and how it is the power of red softened with the purity of white.

I believe in a woman’s connection to nature. She is the protector of mother Earth. She is strong like the oceans. She is as breathtaking as a sunset and as loyal as a sunrise. She is as bright as the sun and as mysterious as the moon. She is as delicate as a flower and forgiving, like the rain. She is as fierce as thunder, yet gentle as a summer breeze. She is the embodiment of life itself. She is the heroine in her own story.

I believe that art is a visual story. I believe that art is the gateway to our own thoughts and dreams. I believe power lies within each of us, we just need to set it free. I believe inspiration is everywhere and everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?