Artist Statement

I am obsessed with color and drawn to beautiful things.  Nature inspires me.  Its vast, mysterious properties pull me in to its intriguing, yet innocent charms. I paint with meaning; stylized symbolism and storytelling. When I create a piece,  it has a testament, a purpose, a destiny.  Each figure holds witness to my thoughts, ideas, dreams, fears, observations, reflections, imaginations, perceptions, conclusions, inspirations, and the list goes on and on. I can’t imagine my life without painting so I must be destined to share these accounts with all, as we all have stories to tell…what will yours be?


BFA: Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

MA: Johns Hopkins University

MFA: (Current) Savannah College of Art and Design

Information for purchases: if you are interested in purchasing my work or a print of my work, please contact me at